Last Week in Digital Media (06/24 - 06/28) 🇺🇸

Last Week in Digital Media (06/24 - 06/28)

Last Week in Digital Media

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Welcome to another last week in digital media. Here's the news you may have missed.




  • Senators Mark Warner and Josh Hawley have introduced a bipartisan bill that would force platforms and data aggregators to disclose the data collected on consumers, how it is used and the value of the data. The bill is called "Designing Accounting Safeguards to Help Broaden Oversight And Regulations on Data (DASHBOARD) Act" and a copy of the draft bill can be viewed here. The bill would direct the SEC to develop methods for calculating the value of user data and it does not propose users get paid for what data is collected. As an interesting aside, Wired points out that a number of politicians (including Hawley) use Facebook's tracking pixels on their own site.

  • at the recent G20 in Japan, there was support for a proposal to hold platforms accountable for extremist and terrorist content (referenced in item 12, PDF link). While it doesn't suggest regulatory measures or fines, the discussions did signal that all member countries (including the US who is a signatory) expect platforms to take action to remove dangerous content, preserve what is necessary for investigators, and to protect users.


  • US Senator Ed Markey has written to the FTC over allegations that YouTube has violated COPPA law (PDF link). Markey challenges YouTube to remove videos primarily targeted to children from the main YouTube site.

  • twitter is trying to find a way to strike a balance between public interest and community standards by flagging (rather than deleting) tweets that would otherwise be deleted. The change only applies to verified accounts of government officials. This will no doubt be controversial the first time it's put into use.

  • Google has introduced the ability to delete the location history they have gathered about you. Located within Activity Controls on the app, you can delete location every few months or automatically. If you don't see the control, it's because the rollout is phased over the coming weeks.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the 4th of July weekend!